Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Challenges

So I haven't been keeping up with my miles much on here but thanks to my lovely phone, it has tracked most of my mileage for me. I'm closer to my goal than I thought I'd be :) 


I've got a loooooong way to go but I'm not going to stop trying.

So I'm a part of this weightloss group and someone posted this August challenge. 
It's perfect for me bc of my back probs. I can't really do much right now. 

Soo who wants to do it with me? 
I'm still goin to walk when I can and keep track of my miles with my phone so hopefully taking the extra 10 minutes will do some good :)  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Venting lol

I hate the feeling of not being good enough for others. Why do we even care what others think? We all have our own opinions and that's ok. I just wish the openly judging of others would stop. Yes we sometime post TMI posts on Facebook. Duh. We all have those moments of weakness then regret it later lol
We all make choices that we think are right for us, for our family, and they end up just not working out right. And THAT'S OK.
It's called life.
If we didn't make mistakes & everything went according to plan, we'd be a bunch of spoiled rotten kids in the world.

God made us imperfectly perfect.

Yes I'm over weight and that's prob where my back issues come, I KNOW that's where my back issues come from.
But I'm slowly...VERY SLOWLY...trying to get better. My back issues have caused my excersicing to slow WAY down lately.
I'll get there eventually.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Riding a bike....

It's been at least 2 YEARS since I've ridden a bike! We went out the road from our house for about half a mile then came back.
My legs  & my butt HURT lol
Got that heart rate UP!
I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow but it was a nice change from walking. I'm sure the kids will enjoy going with me now & we'll have to find some more places to ride!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Feeling the Burn

Thursday....Soo my phone tracks my steps I take everyday. I have a goal of 6,000 steps a day.
I can seriously feel it in my legs today. I wish I got extra steps for walking UP & DOWN the stairs as much as I did today.

Friday....I didn't do as much walking up the stairs today but my legs are still sore!


At least I am trying, right?
When I think about it, I try to walk at a faster pace wherever I go. The kids think it's a game haha

Monday, April 20, 2015

Catching up

Soo my posts haven't been publishing.
Here's 2 from last week...

Went for a walk with my family Sunday afternoon. I had to walk faster than normal to keep up with the kids on their bikes. Thankfully my hip didn't protest!


Hahaha THAT was from a post like last week.

I took a trip to Columbus with the kids & my mom & we did A LOT of walking! We walked the whole zoo (minus Africa) on Wednesday  & ALL over Cosi on Thursday. Even did some shopping Thursday  evening and Friday.

12 miles in 2.5 days.

That's a lot for me but I've had minimal pain! Amazing :)
I'm soo thankful my lower back and hip haven't bothered me this week.

Now, next week is SUPER busy for me with Dr appts & I'm subbing/working at school. Hopefully I'll get some milage in somehow.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Cloudy Monday...

Had an OK Monday morning after Spring Break. No zumba today, just felt like walking the park with my fur baby. Got in a little over a mile & my hip said I'm done lol 
Adding my mile from our walk yesterday too :) 


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lots of walking....

I walked the mall & Kroger most of the day with the kids & my mom....trying on dresses is a workout itself
Giving myself a mile ;)

Cody had soccer practice this evening. I walked the park once before I had shooting pain in my hip...ugh. 
I even took a rest & did a photo op with Rufus ;)
 I got up & moved today!!! 


Monday, March 30, 2015

Outside today...

It's Spring Break so my alone time is being taken by my kiddos. Luckily it's a beautiful day! It feels best when the sun is out from behind the clouds :)

I did some Pilates in the back yard this afternoon while the kids played. It was a nice break from the mountain of laundry I need to do! 
Hopefully it'll help my motivation to go through ALL the stacked up junk mail & bills on my counter....oh & finish the laundry.

What's one way you are being productive today?


Monday, March 23, 2015

For real.....

Like for real.
NOTHING was goin my way this morning. Too much to type out but my day just didn't start out good at all. I feel exhausted from all of it but as we all know... Monday's SUCK.

I DID make it to Aqua Zumba! I went a little early & swam some laps so I was in the pool for an hour this morning. 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's post...and Tuesday...and Wednesday :)

This morning I went to Aqua Zumba AND we stayed for Aqua toning. This is the first Monday I was actually ready & really wanting to go. 
It felt good. But I really wish the energy would stay with me when I go home. I still feel soo exhausted. 

I know the pain in my back is where I'm moving more but my extra weight isn't letting it be easy....yeah, I know it's not supposed to be easy but it's not sore pain. It's not pain from my workouts....I'm aggravating areas that have problems...I get a lot of inflammation in my lower back.
And no I don't over do it. Being in the pool helps & I know my limits in Pilates. 

So I'm asking for prayers to help me figure out what to do. I don't want to see ANOTHER back dr. I don't want to stop trying to loose weight. But the pain is just really getting to me.... :(

Tuesday & Wednesday...
I didn't get to work out....Tues I was goin to walk the park before Pilates & I could barely get out of my car. The pain was just too much. 
Same for today....I could prob go to Awua Zumba but I'd just aggravate even more...
I did do some stretching this morning to see if it would help, but the pain....

I did get a referral to the back pain specialist again so hopefully I'll get in thre soon. This pain really sucks.


Sunday, March 15, 2015


Took a nice walk with Ted, the kids & Rufus today. It's so beautiful outside! 
I can't wait for more warm days in our future :) 

Only bad hip is bothering me. I have pain shooting down my left leg & it hurts soo bad. 
Thankful I made it home & got some ice on it! 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just plain tired

Pushed myself & went to Aqua Zumba this morning. 
I really wanted to go Monday, but I was asked to sub & I try not to turn those opportunities down ;)
AANNDD no one could go with me to Pilates Tuesday so I didn't go :/ I'm still really unsure of this other teacher too. But I'm willing to give another try if someone will go with me lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Super Pilates...

Oh my....Pilates was SOO hard today! The "real" Pilates teacher is back & she moves really fast through all the moves. She's good at explaining things but I totally could NOT keep up! And with my back probs I was just sitting through several things she was doing bc there was just no way....
I feel good that I went, but I also feel like a I'm just not cut out to do this class anymore. 
I'm totally bummed bc I loved it. Now....idk :(


Monday, March 2, 2015


Got up this morning & was totally able to walk! Just still have hard time picking things up/bending down. 

So got a mile & a half in before heading to Aqua Zumba today. It felt AMAZING being back in the water. I just need to keep pushing myself to go! 

I saw my chiropractor also & she may refer me to see my other back pain doc...(forgot what he's called) She told me to keep doing what I'm doing & to not over do it...stop if I feel too uncomfortable with hopefully it's just my body getting used to stretching/moving & i won't have to see the other doc.

Prayers are always appreciated! 


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slackin with my posts...

I didn't get a chance to post about my Pilates on Thursday last week. It felt SOO good to get back to it. But my back was NOT happy with me :(

It just doesn't seem fair. The more I move, the more I try to better myself, my back pain shows itself & prevents me from going further. So how am I supposed to do this?!?! 
This past weekend the pain was just HORRIBLE. No meds helped relieve the pain...

So back to the doctor I go to figure out what I need to do. Hopefully I'll get this figured out :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What a morning.

Woke up with this extreme pain in my lower back & it was shooting down my legs. Not fun. 
Got the kids to school & me back home safely then sat in bed all morning with an ice pack. 
So I was supposed to go to Pilates this morning. I was all looking forward to it & this had to happen :/
I HATE back pain....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

At home today....

No Y today, but I did some Pilates during Wheel of Fortune. 
It was not relaxing for me...I had Rufus tryin to lay on my mat with me, Emma trying to go along with me but says it's too hard (lol) and Cody found a hole in my pants....A HOLE! And these are my FAV yoga pants!!! 
And while ALLL of this is going on..where's Ted?! Sittin on the couch playin Hay Day on the iPad. 
Still love him tho ;)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Struggle is REAL y'all ....

Not gonna lie. I totally want to go back home & sleep the day away...getting motivation is SOO stinking hard anymore. 

But I'm here. I'm sitting in my car, in the YMCA parking lot. I have about 40 minutes till Pilates & I can't seem to get out of the car. Seriously. 
I mean, I don't even have the heat I'm COLD. 

I can do this, right?!? 



Well I did it. I walked slowly in, sat & text my Cub Scout parents in the locker room (lol) then slowly walked to the room for Pilates. 
And OH MY GOODNESS. I'm gonna be hurtin later. But I totally missed being there. Honestly, I didn't want it to be over. I wanted more bc I know when I leave the struggle begins again. 
It should get easier, right? Bc something has got to give...I don't remember it being so hard before....


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Solo 😳

My first time going solo in Pilates this morning was..good. I missed having someone to laugh with when we couldn't stretch right tho lol But I made it! 
I really missed goin Tuesday, but Emma needed me. 


I'm really slow starting toward my goal. I'm nervous about this summer. That's when I bombed out last time. And also where we are trying to sell our home & buy another....I have all these What Ifs & I Wonders in my head. I'm ALREADY worrying about the future! Really?! Who does that?!? Me. That's who. And I'm constantly reminding myself to stop. Constantly telling myself that IT WILL ALL BE OK & if things don't work out as I plan them in my mind IT'S OK. 


Right :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

20 min a day...

NBC Nightly News just had a story about walking 20 minutes a day can help keep you healthy. 
I can't run bc of my ankle & knees. I constantly feel like I'm "boring"  or not good enough for not being a runner bc it's what all my FB friends are doing. SOO I feel like I turned on the tv at the right moment & that news story was for me. It's what I needed to hear! 

I did go WALK a mile this morning & we did Pilates again. My muscles were already sore from Tuesday..I just hope I can walk tomorrow. Honestly, I love the sore feeling. Esp in my stomach! I just hope we keep the motivation up & keep going. It can only get better & easier!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The struggle...

It's real. Totally real this morning. 
And yes, this is my first time at the Y THIS YEAR...I could tell you all my excuses about being cold, tired, not enough sleep..blah blah blah....
I'm just honestly lacking motivation. PERIOD. 
Not a good way to start my New Year BUT! On positive side, I have room for improvement! :p


Just finished up my first Pilates class! It was a little hard at moments but if I keep at it, it'll get easier. Thankful for Tish who helped decide what we were getting into this morning. We are def going back Thursday morning!! 
Oh & I even got a mile in before class on the track! 

(Slow start....but at least I started!)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's get it started!

Day 1

It was COLD this morning. Plus it's MONDAY...first day back to school after 2 weeks of sleeping in till 8:30-9am. Those extra few hours are PRECIOUS to me. I'll miss them...

So to get my goal going, I've decided to do things differently this time. I do love to walk, but I'm giving myself more options. 
For every 20 minutes of constant activity I'm giving myself a mile. 
So like this morning, (reread first paragraph lol)....
I did do a 20 minute workout I found online. It concentrated on my belly...I'm sore but I like that feeling! I'm ready to fit back into my fav jeans!