Tuesday, January 29, 2013


OK. It has now been A WEEK since I have been able to walk. It seems like life is throwing everything at me. I have all these excuses (too cold, Book Fair, sick kid, soccer) and I literally feel like CRAP. Its amazing how much you can actually MISS working out.

Anyone else feel this way?

I WAS starting to feel a difference in my jeans. I got real excited. But then today, I noticed they are getting tight again. Sigh :(

I'm feeling defeated. I'm feeling like a failure. Maybe I should have tried harder?
Mentally beating myself up has caused me to eat eAT EAT!!
I don't want to be THAT person who goes back on their New Year's resolution. I don't want to quit. I want to finish my 300 miles and MORE. I want to be that motivation for myself and my friends and family and whoever else reads my blogs.

I'm sorry for those of you who read my blog and expect me to help motivate you but I'm not perfect. I will tell you, after this week (after Book Fair) I WILL get back into walking.

I have been doing some simple exercises before bed every night. I'll share...

Squats! I have a hard time doing them, BUT I'll get better. I have to, right? haha

Not sure what to call the other one, but I either stand or sit straight, turn(twist) my upper body side to side. While doing this, I breathe out real quick (when I'm turned to the side.) When I first started I didn't feel a thing. The next morning I woke up and I could totally feel it in my stomach!

I've also started STRETCHING every morning when I wake up. It wakes me up and I actually feel better. I move around a lot easier too.

What are some simple exercises you do at home when you can't work out?


Thursday, January 24, 2013

No miles today...

Today was my day to walk at the Y. I didn't go :(
I feel like I've walked though. I set up book fair at school all day then worked in After School w/my little kiddos. My feet are killing me!

I'm still bummed I didn't get to walk. I really look forward to my "me time" lol It's so stress relieving walking. At the Y, they are doing a walk/run challenge. I'm goin to sign up for it! I know I won't win, BUT I want to keep my challenge going! Plus get a tshirt LOL


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thankful for the Y

Brrrrrrrrrrr it's a COLD one today!
I walked 3 miles at the Y this morning. I'm SOO Thankful that we can afford for me to be here.
I'm hoping to start some water classes soon. Anyone want to join me? ;)


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Only a mile today

I walked my mile while Cody had soccer practice this morning. I could've gone a second mile, but I love watching him practice!

I can't complain too much because my total miles this week is 10!!!!!! My goal for each week to make my overall goal is 6 miles a week so I'm happy with that :)
So I'm 23/300! Woooo!! :)


Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hope this is motivating you :)

+4 miles today for 22/300!

My morning was rough. THANKFULLY a fellow mom at school decided to go walk with me at the Y. I honestly do not think I would have went if it wasn't for her. We were slow walkers today too. 2 miles in 2 hours. We talked A LOT haha
But that is what I needed! Walking and venting...multitasking!

Afterwards, I decided to go to the park. I WAS planning on taking a nap (no joke) but I got my booty out of the car and walked. My mom and dad joined me also.

This challenge is harder than I thought and I'm sure it's going to get harder. I have book fair coming up and I'm starting to work in the After School Program at school more. Both I am going to enjoy doing, but I'm going to be exhausted. I am going to prove to myself and all who don't think I can do it, that I CAN. I may not get the miles I need every week, but at least I can say that I tried.

One last thing. The past 2 days I have told 2 complete strangers about my challenge. I don't know if they really will or not, but BOTH told me that they are going to start their own challenges too! I was so excited to actually hear that. I just hope that I am being a motivator to my friends and family too :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Morning But Awesome Workout :)

Oh it was a rough morning in the Willhelm household. I dressed to walk, but I was so aggravated with my kids, I just wanted to shop for my therapy. Honestly. I was going to head to walmart and go crazy. I was even planning on buying CANDY! Seriously. That would have totally messed up my calories for the day. I don't want to go back to the old me. I don't want to feel bloated after devouring a whole bag of....anything.
Both ladies I walk with sometimes, were unable to go with me, so that didn't help my motivation either. But when I pulled away from the school, without even thinking about it, I found myself heading to the Y. Funny, huh. It had to be God being my motivator this morning. I was almost in tears as I finally got Emma in the school, I was an emotional mess this morning. Oh wait, that's almost daily. lol

I decided to just go in the Y and just walk a mile. I got my first mile in, then before I knew it, I was counting laps toward my 2nd mile. I felt great. I was hurting though. My legs were sore and my neck was hurting. (I pulled a muscle yesterday, no idea how)
I got a tweet from a lady I have met online. I fellow mom, and just her saying, "you can do it" totally gave me a bump of motivation. I think the other walkers thought I was looney because I just had a big smile on my face. AND one of my fav workout songs came across my Pandora.

I got my 3 miles walking in this morning :)

But there's more. haha I got on the elliptical for 10 minutes. I did a mile!! Why can't I walk that fast? lol  I was a red faced, sweaty mess and I honestly loved it. I love the feeling of working hard.

So adding my 4 miles gives me 19.15/300!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

A new week :)

Today was rough. I didn't realize it had been since Thursday I walked last! I had the motivation, but once I started, my legs just felt really weak. But I pushed myself to walk 1.31 miles.  At least I walked that much today! It's a start to my week. ;)
Today is the last day of warmer weather also.  I heard on the news, it's supposed to start getting COLD tomorrow. I'm kinda happy about that, I like walking in colder air, but that also means, snow and ICE on the ground. I don't do well with those.
If you remember my first blog post, I am accident prone. lol  Need more proof? I stepped on the deck last week to walk to garage one morning and about fell! There was ICE from where it had rained the previous evening. Ted didn't believe me because he said it wasn't there when he got home...(at 4am) LOL  But I KNOW it was there and walking on ice/snow in my sneakers makes me nervous.
Speaking of sneakers, I need a new pair. Any suggestions on what brand/style to get? I need a lot of support. I like a lot of cushion too.  Any help would be appreciated!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold but not as painful today :)

I didn't get to the Y today. Partly because I didn't feel like it, but I was also needed at the school to work on some stuff. I could have walked before, but ugghhh. I did not have the motivation.
When I got home I KNEW I needed that little bit to get my 6 miles in for the week. The longer I walked, the more I didn't want to stop.
I wont lie. I wanted away from my kids for awhile before being alone with them all evening. THAT was my motivation.


My miles for the year so far is 13.54/300


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just finished 4 miles at the Y this morning.

I have learned the power of stretching! I always stretch out my legs/feet/hips, but never my arms. The past 2 times I have walked, I included my arms & neck. What a difference!
When I walked before, I would get numb in my hands and my neck would hurt SOO bad after about 2 miles. Not anymore!

For this of you thinking, DUH! You gotta understand, I am new to all this. Last time I really did anything like this was in high school! I'm learning as I go. So if you have any other advice for me, please share! I'll take any and all :)


Sunday, January 6, 2013

On My Way!

Add on my miles today and so far I've walked 7.54/300! On my way ;)

I totally did not want to walk today. I'm exhausted from....motherhood. lol But now that I did, I feel GREAT.
I remember being that mom who would read about everyone else exercising and getting motivated while my kids were younger. I wish I would have started this sooner. I made the excuse of not having a sitter to watch the kids when I wanted to go walk. Take them with you! You may not get as many miles in, but at least you ARE WALKING!!

If you are walking out in the cold, I recommend wearing something over your ears. Just the hood on your sweatshirt isn't going to do it. Even if you gotta wrap a scarf around your head, do it. Trust me.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Cold & painful

I didn't walk as long as I wanted to today. It was only time I had while Ted was home. It felt good to get out & just breath. In COLD air lol Plus my calf muscle is still a little sore so maybe it was good I didn't walk as long. Im putting heat on it right now & hoping it will feel better by tomorrow.

A friend of mine asked me to make a weight goal w/her by Super Bowl lol
My main reason for my challenge is to get healthy. I'm tired of putting myself through all the stress of watching my weight. Yes I'm counting calories but I haven't weighed myself since NYE. My main goal for this is to just be happy w/myself.
I'm hoping this is my year to achieve that :)


Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm still bummed I can't do my walking today. I'm hoping tomorrow I will be able to head to the Y sometime & at least walk.
I've been doing well with counting my calories though! It's kinda time consuming but it will be totally worth it!

SO I've had some people make fun of me bc of my blog & my challenge for myself to walk 300 miles this year. I guess they don't think I can do it? Idk. But at least I know how much faith yal have in me :/
I honestly can't wait till I get PAST my goal. I will show you how strong I am. I will def have my setbacks, like my pulled muscle, but I WILL comeback & succeed!
It's really sad how rude "friends" can be but it just fuels my motivation.

Have you been doing your walking?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First walk of the year :)

Well, I just completed my first walk. I didn't go to the Y today so I walked out the road from my house. I did better than I thought! My goal was to do each mile in under 20 minutes...and I did. Barely, but I did :)

2 miles in lol
I never knew it would be hard to take a pic while walking haha
Laugh it up, but due to my past experiences, I'm uncoordinated haha
I did it! I was totally NOT feeling it after a mile in. But when I heard Xenia (the voice I named on my RunKeeper lol) tell me my stats, I was ready to keep going. I thought about all of you who may be looking to me for motivation and it kept me going! My legs felt like they wanted to stop, but I didn't!