Monday, April 20, 2015

Catching up

Soo my posts haven't been publishing.
Here's 2 from last week...

Went for a walk with my family Sunday afternoon. I had to walk faster than normal to keep up with the kids on their bikes. Thankfully my hip didn't protest!


Hahaha THAT was from a post like last week.

I took a trip to Columbus with the kids & my mom & we did A LOT of walking! We walked the whole zoo (minus Africa) on Wednesday  & ALL over Cosi on Thursday. Even did some shopping Thursday  evening and Friday.

12 miles in 2.5 days.

That's a lot for me but I've had minimal pain! Amazing :)
I'm soo thankful my lower back and hip haven't bothered me this week.

Now, next week is SUPER busy for me with Dr appts & I'm subbing/working at school. Hopefully I'll get some milage in somehow.


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