Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3.64 miles :)

My motivation level was nonexistent this morning. I barely got my kids to school on time. I forgot breakfast for myself so I ended up eating a blueberry bagel from Tim Hortons, which was SUPER yummy & a lot cheaper than Starbucks!

I sat in my truck till Tish got what she needed done this morning. In my mind I was goin to walk, but my body was like NO! SIT!
But she came and we walked. And we talked about...stuff & next thing I know, it's time to pick up Emma & we've walked around 3 times.


3.64 miles :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love walking in the morning

2.4 this morning at the park :)


My legs were SORE this morning! No idea why. Maybe they were trying to detour me from walking lol
It took a lot for me to walk tho. I sat in the truck for 20 minutes before venturing out.

I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep well last night bc I had a rough evening w/Emma. (That's another blog post lol)

I didn't jog today. Well, I tried, but my pants kept falling down! Literally! It's hard to jog & hold them up...I tried. Plus I probably looked HILARIOUS.....lol
But I think it's time to retire those yoga pants to just lounge pants till I can't keep them up period. They are MY FAV.
So now I need a new pair of yoga pants.

What's your fav ones & where did you get them?

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm lapping the couch potatoes :)

I'm not on track w/my goal right now & I'm kinda bummed.


I was hoping to have more miles by this point but LIFE happens daily. lol

My last walk/jog was Sunday evening. It was nice & getting cooler.
I am proud of myself for keeping it up & not giving up tho. I'm doin more than those sitting on the couch! I keep reminding myself that.

I'm not perfect at this. I'm still learning how to change my eating habits. I can't totally cut out my fav foods so I'm trying to deal w/eating them LESS lol It's hard I tell ya!!!
But w/the support of friends & family, I CAN do it :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pain is weakness leaving the body....

That is what I kept telling myself this morning.
It's been over a week since I've walked. I kept telling myself all week (Spring Break) I was goin to walk but I never did!
I totally felt like a complete failure. Still do. But I walked/jogged today! And I'm totally proud of myself!!

+2.42 miles today...


I know this sounds dumb, but I love to sweat lol Makes me feel like I'm actually doin something right.
I did start to jog today. I only did small intervals tho. It was PAINFUL the first 2 but after I could tell it was getting easier.

THANK YOU Lindsay for that suggestion.

I don't have a goal for jogging a mile or anything. I just want to sweat haha