Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's post...and Tuesday...and Wednesday :)

This morning I went to Aqua Zumba AND we stayed for Aqua toning. This is the first Monday I was actually ready & really wanting to go. 
It felt good. But I really wish the energy would stay with me when I go home. I still feel soo exhausted. 

I know the pain in my back is where I'm moving more but my extra weight isn't letting it be easy....yeah, I know it's not supposed to be easy but it's not sore pain. It's not pain from my workouts....I'm aggravating areas that have problems...I get a lot of inflammation in my lower back.
And no I don't over do it. Being in the pool helps & I know my limits in Pilates. 

So I'm asking for prayers to help me figure out what to do. I don't want to see ANOTHER back dr. I don't want to stop trying to loose weight. But the pain is just really getting to me.... :(

Tuesday & Wednesday...
I didn't get to work out....Tues I was goin to walk the park before Pilates & I could barely get out of my car. The pain was just too much. 
Same for today....I could prob go to Awua Zumba but I'd just aggravate even more...
I did do some stretching this morning to see if it would help, but the pain....

I did get a referral to the back pain specialist again so hopefully I'll get in thre soon. This pain really sucks.


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