Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 2-4

Last 3 days have been a BLURR. I can tell you we had Mexican Tuesday to celebrate my parents anniversary & Wednesday night we had pizza, but that's it lol

So I'll start back up w/today...Day 4

Breakfast - toast w/honey & glass of milk

Lunch - light lunch of cheese and crackers (it was just with me and Emma, Cody had lunch at Chinese camp)

Dinner - leftover steak and more cheese and 

Both kiddos had yogurt for a snack.
This whole challenge has been hard to be honest. I'm beginning to doubt myself. I don't see a change in Cody at all. Maybe he's just acting like a typical boy and I'm overreacting? My biggest fear is when he starts school. School is where his lack of attention shows A LOT. At least it did in Kindergarten. SIGH.....

I'm starting to get anxious for his tests he's having done next week. I know they aren't bad & will give us important info but still.... 
I worry too much.

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