Monday, July 22, 2013

Chocolate plz ;)

Well obviously Day 1 was it for posting all meals & snacks for the day. Yeah, I'm not perfect! Plus it honestly stressed me out. Who knew that keeping everyone updated on what my kids ate would be stressful?! 

It's just not me to do that. 

But I will share my kids FAVORITE meal, that they actually eat daily...drum roll...


Yep :) 
Ted & I even eat it! It has All Natural ingredients 

Go to & they have a white chocolate PB I want to try!! 

This momma LOVES all kinds if chocolate!! (HINT: My bday is coming up! LOL) 

REMINDER: I'm walking the Color Splash 5K at KDMC this Saturday morning. If you want to walk with me, LMK! 
Register at
I've got 3 other friends walking w/me so far :)

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