Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 1

I really started this on Saturday but Ted decided he wanted IHOP after church Sunday morning &...yeah.

So Day 1 w/no artificial food dyes. 

Breakfast - whole wheat toast w/chocolate peanut butter. Cody decided to add raspberries on his toast :)
And of course a glass of milk, vitamins & 1/2 tsp of fish oil.

Lunch - turkey sandwich w/strawberry lemonade. Yogurt for dessert 

Dinner - beef tenderized w/white bean hummus spread on top (looks kinda gross but tastes YUMMY!), corn & potato salad 

For dessert we got creative w/our banana :)


Snack - We made Strawberry Lemonade popsicles today :)

I'm hoping I can keep all this up this week! I almost learned too late that the kids normal easy-quick breakfast has Red 40 in nutrigrain bars this week. 

Already this new challenge has opened my eyes to WHAT I am feeding my kids. And myself. 
So yeah, I'm going to be "that mom" that I always didn't want to be. lol

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