Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First walk of the year :)

Well, I just completed my first walk. I didn't go to the Y today so I walked out the road from my house. I did better than I thought! My goal was to do each mile in under 20 minutes...and I did. Barely, but I did :)

2 miles in lol
I never knew it would be hard to take a pic while walking haha
Laugh it up, but due to my past experiences, I'm uncoordinated haha
I did it! I was totally NOT feeling it after a mile in. But when I heard Xenia (the voice I named on my RunKeeper lol) tell me my stats, I was ready to keep going. I thought about all of you who may be looking to me for motivation and it kept me going! My legs felt like they wanted to stop, but I didn't!

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