Sunday, January 13, 2013

A new week :)

Today was rough. I didn't realize it had been since Thursday I walked last! I had the motivation, but once I started, my legs just felt really weak. But I pushed myself to walk 1.31 miles.  At least I walked that much today! It's a start to my week. ;)
Today is the last day of warmer weather also.  I heard on the news, it's supposed to start getting COLD tomorrow. I'm kinda happy about that, I like walking in colder air, but that also means, snow and ICE on the ground. I don't do well with those.
If you remember my first blog post, I am accident prone. lol  Need more proof? I stepped on the deck last week to walk to garage one morning and about fell! There was ICE from where it had rained the previous evening. Ted didn't believe me because he said it wasn't there when he got home...(at 4am) LOL  But I KNOW it was there and walking on ice/snow in my sneakers makes me nervous.
Speaking of sneakers, I need a new pair. Any suggestions on what brand/style to get? I need a lot of support. I like a lot of cushion too.  Any help would be appreciated!

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