Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Challenge!

This is my first blog post for my challenge! I'm doing this because I need and want to be healthier and I hope I can motivate you to get healthier with me!

A little background....
As some of you know, about 6 1/2 years ago, I fell and broke my tail bone, then few months later, fell and broke my right leg, which now causes me to have ankle problems. Breaking my tail bone made my back problems worse so I saw my chiropractor A LOT at that time.
Well, 2 months after breaking my leg, I found out I was pregnant!!  Yes, this all happened within a YEAR.  So my body took on some trauma and I gained LOTS of weight, which now I'm  having a hard time getting rid of.

I've been working at my kids' school in the library and I started walking at the Y with my friend Crystal. I lost almost 10 pounds, but due to Christmas and the 3 week BREAK, I gained it all back. I lost my motivation!!

It was a sign when I saw a post on twitter about the #IWouldRun500Miles group on Facebook. Turns out there are a lot of people coming together in the group and helping to motivate others to reach their goal throughout the year! So I decided to share with my friends and family and get you all motivated and to help me stay motivated!!

So whether you walk, run, swim, crawl, use an elliptical, or whatever, come share your miles and experiences with me! If you live close to me, let's go walk in the park! Even in the cold! (I heard that walking in the cold helps you loose more weight!)

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