Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Let's get REAL....

I know I say & do things without thinking, but that's JUST ME. As I'm "growing up" & def since I've turned 30, I'm noticing a change in myself. I don't care much what others think if me. Of course I have my days, but not so much anymore. 

SOO in saying this, if I ever say anything that offends or upsets you, I honestly don't mean it lol I'm JUST BEING HONEST.  

It's SOO hard keeping my opinion to myself. This is a problem. Esp when I find out I offended someone close to me & now they judge & think less of me. But I guess if they DONT understand, they are not worth worrying over & being in my life. 

On a good note.....the FEW close friends I have are AMAZING. I'm blessed to have them :)

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