Thursday, October 3, 2013

Before & after...

My friend Mary from school has invited me to water Zumba this morning. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE water Zumba but I DONT WANNA GO!! My body hurts already, I feel a headache coming on, I barely got sleep last night bc Ted coughing & Emma coming over & kicking me most of night....AAHHHHH!!! 

It's been WEEKS since I've been to the Y. It's been that long since I've been motivated to do ANYTHING toward my goal for the year. I've gained all my weight BACK that I lost....I'm just frustrated!!! 
Why is this so stinking hard?!
Why can't I loose weight easier?!
Why do I always feel judged by EVERYONE around me?! 


Ok so that is a little embarrassing to read, but it's real. Totally shows I'm not perfect. But it was EXACTLY how I felt this morning. It shows how stinking WHINY I am too lol 

BUT!!!! I went to water Zumba! And I even stayed for the toning class after!! 2 hours of being in the water was...just AWESOME. I love swimming. It reminded me of how young & engerized it makes me feel! And no it wasn't because of all the older (than me) ladies in the class with me ;) 

I am SOO thankful for Mary being my motivator today! I've got some amazingly awesome friends in my life :)


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