Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walking buddy needed :)

+2.05 miles alone this evening


I have so much stress in my life right now. I thought that last month of school was stressful.....but being home ALL DAY EVERYDAY with my kids is a pain! I love them, but they know how to drive me NUTS. My patience is being tested & I don't like it. I've thought about it. Maybe this is God's way of giving me a push to GO WALK. Walking is my stress relief & I get a lot of thinking (& talking if I have a buddy) done. 

I need a serious walking buddy. Someone who will plan days to walk with me & be my motivation, as I will for them! 

I like to walk by my house, at the Y or in Central Park in Ashland :)

OH, they PAVED out the road from my house! No more walking on gravel :) 
(Yeah, it's the little things lol)

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