Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love walking in the morning

2.4 this morning at the park :)


My legs were SORE this morning! No idea why. Maybe they were trying to detour me from walking lol
It took a lot for me to walk tho. I sat in the truck for 20 minutes before venturing out.

I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep well last night bc I had a rough evening w/Emma. (That's another blog post lol)

I didn't jog today. Well, I tried, but my pants kept falling down! Literally! It's hard to jog & hold them up...I tried. Plus I probably looked
But I think it's time to retire those yoga pants to just lounge pants till I can't keep them up period. They are MY FAV.
So now I need a new pair of yoga pants.

What's your fav ones & where did you get them?


  1. I really like the yoga pants at Target, I think they are champion brand?? They aren't super cheapy OR super expensive, and they are a comfy not too thick (sweat inducing!) and not too thin (cold and see through!) material that's good for summer, I think. :) ...Plus I was wearing them once to the grocery and got a "Ma'am your @ss is FINE!" comment in the parking lot (which I'll take as a compliment despite the "Ma'am" beginning!), so apparently they have super butt-shaping powers, too! ;) -Jess

    1. PS What a great reason to need new pants, because the old ones are TOO BIG! ;) Congrats on that (weird but awesome) problem! ;)