Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mom Confession in this one ;)

No walking today, but I did play some basketball w/the kids & Ted!
Oh and I helped one of my best friends pack stuff to move today. Didn't do a lot of lifting but hey, I was moving! lol

Last year, Well lets say before January 1, 2013, I was LAZY. Not kidding.
MOM CONFESSION: All summer I would make excuses NOT to take my kids outside. If we did go outside, I would carry a chair w/me & sit. My kids would ask me to play & I would say no. I would say I'm tired, my back hurts.


I haven't lost much weight since I started my challenge, but I have noticed I have a lot more energy. I've noticed I don't sit around like I did. Yes, my back still hurts, but I play & do what I can.

It has been a BIG challenge with eating healthier. I love my Pepsi Max. I live for snacking....and CHOCOLATE!!

Know what I mean?!

I'm totally not saying that I'm all perfect go getter momma now. I don't walk everyday. I don't count my calories everyday. I still sit & watch tv & be lazy, but not like I was. I'm on a mission to organize my life and my house lol
(I'll keep yal updated on that one lol)

I want to know what motivates you!
Comment, FaceBook me, Tweet me & let me know! :)